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Welcome to MC Skis.


Five years ago, after competing on the World Cup and the Pro Tour, we decided to create a new brand of waterskis.


The goal from day one was to create and build the most advanced and highest quality slalom ski on the planet. We focused on three features: quality, performance, and stability.


To achieve this goal, we started collaborations with an aeronautic composite factory and with companies in the biking industry. 


We started from the ground up, designing a water ski, deciding that cost would not be a factor. By using the same technology and material used in carbon race wheels, we created the lightest, strongest and highest performing carbon slalom ski on the market.


After two years of intense testing, the best equation became apparent: prepreg carbon plus a high-density, high-quality core.





There are many steps to building our skis:


First, all the carbon fiber is cut by CNC machine for accuracy. We build a specific kit of lay-ups for each ski size, which determines the flex of the ski.


Next, we cut the core by CNC machine to the dimension of the ski and mold the core to the exact shape we will want it. 


After that, the ski is assembled and cured in a press machine at high temperature for many hours.


Finally, after the ski is cooled, the fin slot is cut and the inserts are added.


All work is done with high-tech equipment to ensure accuracy.


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